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IAASE Winter Pre-Conference Workshop 2020

Wednesday, February 26. 2020

The Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education in cooperation with the Illinois Special Education Leadership Academy (ISELA) and the Sangamon County Regional Office of Education #51 invite special education and general education administrators to attend a pre-conference workshop:

IAASE Winter Pre-Conference Administrator Academy

Time Out, Physical Restraint, and the Continuum of Behavioral Interventions in Schools”  Administrator Academy #3719, presented by Darcy Kriha, Stephanie Jones, and Cassie Black.

This session will review legal issues surrounding the continuum of behavioral interventions available for students with disabilities, focusing on time out and physical restraint under Section 10-20.33 of the School Code and Illinois State Board of Education regulations. The program will discuss these two interventions as “reactive interventions,” and will also discuss “preventative interventions,” that can help school districts avoid the use of reactive interventions in the first place. As a preventative intervention, this session will focus on utilizing effective processes for looking at the function of a student’s behavior and creating successful behavior intervention plans based on the identified function. At the end of the academy, participants will have a greater understanding of the legal parameters for the use of time out and physical restraint, an understanding of the record-keeping requirements for the use of these interventions, and strategies and interventions that can be employed with students in an effort to avoid time out and physical restraint.

Participants should be prepared to sign in giving either their social security number or their IEIN number in order to receive Administrator Academy credit.