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IAASE Region Fund Expenditure Guidelines

IAASE Region Representatives have the responsibility to ensure that IAASE funds are expended in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner. When hosting meetings, roundtables, retreats or professional development activities, funds may be spent in the following manner:

Funds may be utilized for:

• Speaker fees. This includes: travel, hotel accommodations, and meals, consistent with State Guidelines for mileage and meal allowances.

• Venue rental.

• Meals for attendees during professional development, (ex. continental breakfast/light lunch).

• Supplies (postage, copying costs, consumables, flash-drives, and name tags).

Funds may not be utilized for:

• Attendee travel, hotel accommodations, or meals outside of the meeting.

• Full payment for Administrative Academy credit for individuals attending.

Additional Recommendations:

• A minimal fee charged to attendees of professional development to help ensure attendance and help supplement meals. A more substantial fee charged for non-IAASE members.

• Vary the location of professional development offerings to encourage participation of all Region members.